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Four in every 1,000 children aged 6 to 12 in China have autism, an incidence that experts say is higher than expected.在4岁至12岁儿童中,每1000名儿童就有4名患自闭症,专家说这比预期发病率要高很多。The figure has been uncovered in the first national epidemiological investigation into the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder.这个数据是由中国第一项孤独症障碍趋势调查显示的。Symptoms include differences and disabilities in many areas including social communication skills, motor skills, and sometimes intellectual skills as well as unusual responses to sensory input such as unusual sensitivity to light and sound, or sensory cravings.症状包括在许多领域,包括社会交往技能的差异和障碍,运动技能,有时知识技能以及感觉输入,如对光线和声音的异常感觉,或感觉的渴望异常。The investigation figures did not include those children who stay at home or those in special schools, as they had aly been diagnosed as ASD patients, said Wang Yi, vice-president of the Children#39;s Hospital at Fudan University in Shanghai, which led the project.这项调查数据不包括在家学习和在特殊学校学习的儿童,因为他们已经被鉴定为自闭症患者,上海复旦大学附属儿童医院的副主任王毅说道。More than half of the children in the project were diagnosed with autism for the first time, Wang said.多于一般的儿童是在这次调查中第一次被诊断为自闭症,王主任说道。;Such data obtained at the national level for the first time shows that ASD is much more serious than we imagined. The figure is close to the incidence rate of epilepsy among children in China,; Wang said.“这个数据是全国第一次调查自闭症的数据,明显要比想象的严重很多。这个数据接近全国儿童患癫痫的发病率,”王说道。The statistics were announced at the International Meeting for Autism Research in Shanghai on Saturday.这项数据在上周六于上海召开的自闭症国际会议上发布。China is not the only country with a high incidence of autism. Last year, the ed States#39; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said one in every 68 children in the US has autism.中国并不是唯一的自闭症发病率高的国家。去年,美国疾病预防与控制中心数据显示,每68个儿童中就有1个儿童患有自病症。A total of 127,000 children were involved in the Chinese project, started in May 2013.共有12万7千名儿童加入到这项调查,这项调查于2013年5月开始。Geraldine Dawson, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Duke University in North Carolina, said babies who later develop autism exhibit behavior suggesting that some symptoms emerged when they were just 6 months old, and that parents should be alerted.北卡罗莱纳州的杜克大学教授Geraldine Dawson,从事精神病学和行为科学研究,说道宝宝在后来出现的行为异常的自闭症病症早在宝宝6个月大时就有显露,父母应该提高警惕。 /201511/409044。

FOR most of us, sleep is the only time during the day where we can get away from our screens and get a bit of rest.对大部分人来说,在面对各种屏幕一天后,终于可以在睡觉休息的时候远离电脑了。But not for 27-year-old Rikki Mortimore, who shops online in her sleep.但27岁的丽奇·莫蒂默却会在睡梦中上网购物。;I#39;ve spent around 00 so far, but I#39;ve returned around 85 per cent of the items I#39;ve bought,” Rikki, who works as an online designer in Sydney, told news.com.au.;丽奇现居悉尼,是一名网络设计师。她告诉澳大利亚新闻在线:“算下来,我已经在熟睡时网购了近1500美元的东西,不过其中约85%的东西已经被我退掉了。”Rikki says her abnormal sleep behaviour is only a few months old, which she thinks stemmed ;from a few incidents as a child;.丽奇称,自己的反常行为始于几个月前。不过,她认为,这与发生于“自己小时候的几则轶事”息息相关。;When I was a kid, I would sometimes sleepwalk,; she said.她说:“我小时候偶尔会梦游。”;Once, I walked through my house and straight to our alarm system. It was switched off that night, but I typed in the pin and set the alarms off in the middle of the night.;“有一回大半夜,我穿过整座房子,径直走到警报器前,输入了密码,触发了原本关闭的警报器。”;My mum found me standing there as sirens were going off around me. It was a one off incident, so we didn#39;t take it seriously and seek treatment.;“我妈发现我站在那儿,四周警报大响。不过后来这样的情况再没发生过,我们也就没当回事,没去看医生。”During her teenage years, Rikki would often set three alarms during high school, because while asleep, she would switch each clock off and in turn, run late to school.青少年时期也有轶事。那时丽奇上高中,每天要设三个闹钟,因为她总会在睡梦中关掉闹钟,害得自己第二天迟到。She has recently been diagnosed with insomnia, and is now taking non-addictive medication to assist with a healthy sleeping pattern.最近她被诊断出得了失眠症,眼下正在用一些非成瘾药物辅助睡眠。But Rikki admits her strange sleeping behaviour didn#39;t start with online shopping.但丽奇也坦言,梦中网购并不是自己第一宗睡眠怪行。;When I first started waking up, I would go to sleep and wake up wearing different clothes,; she said.她说:“刚开始梦游那会儿,我第二天醒来会发现自己穿着与前一晚完全不同的衣。”“The shopping incidents started when I fell asleep next to my laptop. When I was asleep, I guess I would just use it and go to websites I had visited during the day.”“有段时间,我趴在笔记本电脑前睡着了,于是就有了梦中购物的经历。我猜我就是在梦中无意识地操作电脑,上白天浏览过的网页。”Admittedly a big ASOS fan, Rikki said her fingers do all the talking when it comes to her sleep shopping stints.丽奇本人很喜欢逛ASOS网店(译者注:英国著名网上时装与化妆品店)。梦游时,光动动手指,就买下了许多东西。;During the day, I look obsessively at ASOS, so my fingers know where to go,; she said.她说:“平日里我特爱逛ASOS,手指对操作网页已是熟门熟路。”;I have heaps of things in my shopping cart online just waiting. But most of the time I am buying things that I would never buy, so I must browse in my sleep.;“虽然我购物车里屯着一大堆东西,但其实我梦游时买下的那些并不是我平日里想买的,由此可见我梦游时也会浏览其他东西。”;My last order, I brought jumpers and swimsuits, which I really don#39;t want. I never go swimming! I haven#39;t in three years!;“我上次买了毛衣和泳衣,结果压根用不上。我从不游泳!这三年里一次都没去过!”;I also bought three pairs of the same shoes once.;“有一回,我还买了三双一模一样的鞋子。”From blazers, skirts and shirts, Rikki now keeps a box under her desk where she collects the unwanted items, which she will return to the online retailer before the refund date expires.如今,丽奇的桌子下放着一只盒子,里面塞满了她梦中买的,却用不上的东西:上衣啦,裙子啦,衬衣啦等等。她得在退货截止日前,把这些东西统统退掉。;Sometimes I actually like what I have bought while asleep, but a lot of the time it#39;s too big and it has to go back.;“有时候,我还蛮喜欢睡梦中买到的衣的。但大多数时候,它们总是太大,需要退货。”Rikki and her partner laugh at her shopping habits now, but admit she has recently taken extreme measures in a bid to reduce her addiction.说到梦游怪癖,丽奇和她的伴侣往往会忍俊不禁。但丽奇表示,近来也在想方设法克自己的异行。;I#39;m really worried what I might actually buy one day, like a flight overseas or something similar,; she said.她说:“我很担心自己哪天买了张国际机票啥的。”;As a measure, I have taken my credit card details off websites, and even hidden my laptop in the bathroom so I won#39;t be able to find it while I#39;m asleep.;“所以呢,我删掉了网站上的信用卡预留信息,甚至把电脑藏到浴室里,这样我梦中就找不到它了。”;I was looking at a beautiful handbag online the other day, but had to delete it from my history so I didn#39;t drop 00 in my sleep,; she laughed.“有一次,我在网上看到一款特别漂亮的手提包,但不得不清空了浏览记录,免得自己睡梦中又当‘剁手党#39;,花掉3000美元。”她笑着说。The National Sleep Foundation suggests sleepwalking and parasomnia originates during deep sleep, and is much more common in children than in adults.全国睡眠协会称,一旦人进入深度睡眠,就可能引发梦游和睡眠机能紊乱,且儿童的发生率比成人高。The act of movement and activity while asleep is sometimes an inherited trait caused by lack of sleep or even stress, drugs and other medicines.另外,缺乏睡眠、压力过大、滥用药物等亦可能引发梦游活动。Parasomnias include abnormal acts like eating disorders while asleep, nightmares, sleep paralysis and sleep aggression.睡眠机能紊乱包括了梦游进食、频发恶梦、睡眠麻痹、睡眠躁动等一系列失常症状。It is often hard to wake someone during the activity because they are in such deep slumber when the walking or activity occurs. Aside from traditional ‘sleepwalking#39; it can also include sitting in bed, walking around the house, leaving the home and in extreme cases, even getting behind the wheel of a car.通常,旁人很难叫醒睡眠机能紊乱患者,因为他们正处于深度睡眠状态。除了常见的“梦游”外,他们也可能突然从床上坐起,在房内打转,离开住所,甚至开车出行。;I dealt with a patient recently who was going on a cruise but was a sleepwalker,; Dr Maree Barnes, Sleep Physician and President of the Australasian Sleep Association told news.com.au.玛丽·巴恩斯士是一名睡眠治疗师,也是澳洲睡眠协会会长。她告诉澳大利亚新闻在线:“我最近接收了一个梦游病人,那人在梦游时乘船出行。”;So I gave him sedatives so he was very sound asleep while on the ship.;“于是我给他开了镇定剂,好让他在船上睡得安稳些。”;Some other patients are compulsive eaters, sleep walkers and talkers, or even people who get behind the wheel of a car while asleep.;“我也有过不少其他病人,有的会在睡眠时进食,有的会梦游,有的会发梦呓,还有人甚至边睡觉边开车。”;Basically these are people who have deep rooted psychological issues that are being played out during the night. It#39;s a matter of keeping people safe until the behaviour ceases to occur, and usually it always is dealt with through psychology and time.;“其实这些人都患有根深蒂固的心理疾病,各种症状会在睡梦中表现出来。治疗的首要准则是确保他们的安全,直至症状消失。通常来说,这需要通过心理诱导,更需要耐心。”Sleep Health Foundation of Australia suggests that around three children in 100 sleepwalk often, and approximately five in 100 children sleepwalk sometimes.澳大利亚睡眠健康协会称,约3%的儿童经常梦游,约5%的儿童偶尔梦游。In adults, this figure is lower, with only four in every 1000 people still sleepwalking. Statistics indicate that if you sleepwalk or talk as a child, you#39;re less than a quarter likely to do that as an adult.成人梦游的比率要低得多。只有4‰的成人深受梦游之苦。同时,数据显示,哪怕一个人在儿童时期梦游或发梦呓,此概率在成年后会骤降七成多。;Most people will grow out of it,; Dr Barnes said.“这些症状一般在成年后都会消失。”巴恩斯士说。We don#39;t know why people sleep walk or talk, but we do know that it is not uncommon at some stage of your life to do some for of activity.”梦游或发梦呓的原因尚不可知,但这些行为在个人成长中并不罕见。While 4 per cent of the population admit to sleepwalking at least once in their lives, the condition can be easily rectified if treated accordingly. Adults are advised to enlist good sleeping habits, or seek medical advice.4%的成人表示,他们有过梦游经历。只要治疗得当,比如培养良好的睡眠习惯,寻求医护人员的帮助,梦游症状便会很快消失。;Main treatment is to keep these people safe,; Dr Barnes said.巴恩斯士称:“主要的治疗手段是保患者的安全。”;Partners and family members should ensure sleepwalkers can#39;t get out of the room, out of windows or through the front door.“患者的配偶及家属应确保患者待在屋内,不会爬出窗户,或走出家门。”;Psychologists can explore anxieties, concerns, issues and past events and even worries about the future.“心理学家不妨着手研究患者的为什么会焦虑担心、心事重重,以及他们对往事的执念,或是对未来的担忧。”;All of these areas can contribute to these behaviours.;“以上种种,都可能导致睡眠功能紊乱。”As for Rikki#39;s sleep-shopping, Dr Barnes suggests more sleep, and eliminating caffeine, food and alcohol at least one hour before bedtime, and not to rely on prescribed sleeping medication.针对丽奇的梦中网购症状,巴恩斯士建议她补充睡眠,切勿在睡前一小时喝咖啡、进食或饮酒,并避免一味依赖安眠药。;The room should be also quiet, dark and comfortable,; Dr Barnes said.“还要营造安静、黑暗、舒适的睡眠环境,”巴恩斯士补充道。;Sometimes medication can effect your sleep — its like a circuit breaker. Taking sleeping tablets are not good for anyone in the long term. If the short term interventions don#39;t work, then a psychologist is the way to go.;“安眠药的作用机制和断路器相似。从长远角度看,吃安眠药都会产生副作用。病人短期用安眠药后发现无效果,就应该转而寻求心理治疗。” /201602/426853。

7.Libra7.天秤座You got: France你适合居住在:法国Charming and elegant, with a taste for the finer things in life, you#39;re also very passionate about justice and equality. France was literally made for you.你充满魅力,举止优雅,对生活中一切有档次的事物都有独特的品味,同时对公正和平等格外热情。法国这个国度简直是为你而存在的。8.Scorpio8.天蝎座You got: Poland你适合居住在:波兰Passionate, intense, and strong-willed, you can also be secretive and mysterious. Poland would be the perfect place for you.热情似火又洋溢着,拥有坚定意志的你同时也故作神秘,让人觉得不可思议。波兰是你的不二选择。9.Sagittarius9.射手座You got: India你适合居住在:印度Optimistic, generous, and with a big personality, you hate being bored and need a place that can satisfy your intense curiosity and desire to learn. India just happens to be that place.乐观、慷慨、个性鲜明,你厌恶了无生趣, 你需要一个地方能满足你强烈的好奇心和跃跃欲试的学习热情。印度正好是这样一个国度。10.Capricorn10.羯座You got: Japan你适合居住在:日本You#39;re driven, patient, and always eager to learn and improve yourself and the world around you. Japan would be the perfect fit for you.你发愤图强、很有耐心,又十分好学、乐于提高自己、改善身边的环境。日本是你的最佳选择。11.Aquarius11.水瓶座You got: South Africa你适合居住在:南非You#39;re intelligent, with a very witty, and sometimes even poetic, mind. You value your independence but also love being surrounded by your friends and family. You#39;d be right at home in South Africa.你十分聪慧、诙谐机智,不过有时候脑中又会涌现诗意的思绪。你重视独立性,但同时又喜欢被家人和朋友包围的感觉。在南非,你会觉得适得其所。12.Pisces12.双鱼座You got: Mexico你适合居住在:墨西哥Your creative energy knows no bounds and you#39;re passionate and vibrant about pretty much every aspect of your life. So, you#39;d be right at home in Mexico.你富有创造性的精力无所穷尽,而且对生活的方方面面,你又是那么的热情似火、活力充沛。所以,生活在墨西哥对你再合适不过。 /201510/406028。

Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin never conceals his ambition to build a world leading sports company.中国亿万富翁王健林从来都没掩饰过自己要建立世界体育帝国的野心。Wang#39;s Wanda Group has set up Wanda Sports company, an integration of sports marketing company Infront Sports amp; Media and World Triathlon Corporation (WTC).王健林和盈方体育传媒和世界铁人三项公司(WTC)将被合并,成立一个新的公司——万达体育控股有限公司。Wanda Group, a real estate giant in China, announced on Wednesday they appointed Philippe Blatter, FIFA president as president and CEO of Wanda Sports.周三,报告指出,菲利普·布拉特将出任万达体育的新任董事长兼首席执行官。;The significance of establishing Wanda Sports is not only to integrate Wanda#39;s interests in sports, but also to truly expand and strengthen Wanda#39;s businesses in the industry,; said Wang after the announcement.“成立万达体育控股公司并不只是将万达的利润投资到体育上,更重要的是要加强和扩大万达在体育方面的投资。”王健林说道。Setting up the company was Wang#39;s latest move to seize a big share of China#39;s sports industry cake, which seems all the more lucrative as Beijing won the right to host 2022 Winter Olympic Games.随着中国赢得了2022年冬季奥运会的举办权,成立万达体育公司是王健林近期想要分得中国体育产业一杯羹的重要举动。The Chinese government last year mapped out a plan which aims to grow its sports sector into a 5-trillion-yuan (about 813 billion U.S. dollars) industry by 2025.去年中国政府作出规划,称到2025年将中国体育投资扩展到5万亿(8130亿美元)。The expectations have drawn hugh investment into the sector. In less than a year, Wanda bought stake in Spanish La Liga champions Atletico Madrid, merged Infront and then bought WTC in August, spending about 11.6 billion yuan (about 1.85 billion U.S. dollars) in this area.这项政策吸引了大量投资,不到一年的时间,万达买了西甲冠军马德里竞技的股权,并在八月份和盈方体育传媒和世界铁人三项公司(WTC)合并,在体育方面投资了116亿元(约18.5亿美元)E-commerce titan Alibaba also showed great interest as they first paid 1.2 billion yuan (about 192 million U.S. dollars) for 50 percent stake in Guangzhou Evergrande, China#39;s most successful soccer club and two-time Asian Champions League winner.电子商务巨头阿里巴巴也在体育方面开始投资,他们先付了12亿元(约192百万美元)在广州恒大50%的股权,恒大是中国最成功的足球俱乐部,两次联赛冠军。The Nasdaq-listed company, which have business cooperations with German champions Bayern Munich, Spanish giants Real Madrid and NBA star Kobe Bryant, then launched its own sports company in September to focus on professional sports.纳斯达克上市公司,其与德国冠军拜仁慕尼黑,西甲豪门皇家马德里队和NBA球星科比-布莱恩特有业务合作,然后在九月推出了自己的专注于专业运动的体育公司。Two other internet companies LeTV and Tencent jumped on the bandwagon by establishing respective sports Companies as well.两大互联网公司—乐视TV和腾讯也紧随潮流,分别建立了自己的体育公司。Wang explained investors#39; enthusiasm at a summit of Chinese listed companies two weeks ago. ;China#39;s sports industry is still in its cradle but the government has launched a plan to promote it and set a goal of 5 trillion yuan in scale. If the goal is realized, sports really is a very promising industry,; he said.王健林两周前解释了中国上市公司积极投资热情的问题。“中国有体育事业处于起步阶段,但政府出台鼓励措施,并作出5万亿的规划,如果这个规划得以实现,体育将会是非常有前途的产业。”Wang continued to speak out his ambitions. ;We plan to keep merging and add new content into our sports branch. Wanda Sports aim to become the world#39;s first sports company with an annual income of more than 10 billion U.S. dollars, ; he said.王健林继续说道他的野心,“我们计划继续合并和拓宽我们的体育分。万达集团致力于成为世界最大的体育公司,年收入达到100亿美元。”Wang, however, could still underestimate the potential as Chinese sports minister Liu Peng said last month the sports industry may reach 7 trillion yuan by 2025.中国体育总局局长刘鹏上个月说道,王健林可能还是低估了中国的体育产业,体育产业到2015年创值会高达7万亿元。 /201511/412846。